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UniverSci Press, established in 2023 and headquartered in the UK, is a scholarly publishing company on a mission to host open access journals. We pride ourselves on offering a platform for journals from diverse disciplines to share their groundbreaking discoveries with the global scientific community without any barriers.

At UniverSci, we embrace the principles of open access. All articles published in our journals are freely accessible and can be reused under Creative Commons licenses. We believe in breaking down access barriers, ensuring that valuable research is universally available without subscriptions or paywalls.

We take pride in publishing high-quality, rigorously peer-reviewed journals across various domains, including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of the publishing process.

As an open access publisher, we are dedicated to making research universally accessible to all who need it. Our journals are sustained through transparent article processing charges, ensuring fairness and affordability. The UniverSci Press editorial team is responsive and committed to delivering an efficient and author-friendly publishing experience.

Why Choose UniverSci?

Simplify the editorial process with our state-of-the-art online submission and peer review tools, powered by Kotahi. Our platform is designed to manage submissions, reviews, and communications seamlessly, allowing for a streamlined and efficient workflow.

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Experience the ease of automatic publication of articles in dedicated issues on our website, each with an assigned DOI . This innovative feature not only enhances efficiency but also ensures a globally recognized and permanent link to your research. It reduces the need for additional staff and costs, providing you with a more streamlined and cost-effective publishing solution.

We understand the financial constraints faced by many researchers and institutions. UniverSci Press offers competitive pricing, including some complimentary publishing options, to make open access accessible to all.

Elevate the presentation of your articles with our professional production team. We craft attractive PDF templates with professional typesetting and formatting, ensuring that your research stands out.

Join the Open Science Movement:

Explore UniverSci Press and be part of the open science movement. Whether you're an author, researcher, or avid reader, discover a publishing platform that values accessibility, transparency, and excellence.

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UniverSci warmly invites you to become a part of our ever-expanding network of high-quality open access journals. If you're interested in establishing new journals or transferring existing ones, we encourage you to contact us. Fill out our form today to explore the possibilities of hosting your journal with UniverSci Press. We are eager to welcome you to our family of open access publications.